Developers are always looking for a good API to hook their applications through to provide rich functionality to their applications. Photo editing company Aviary is releasing Aviary Effects API today to help developers add filters, effects and functionality to applications.

Aviary has also gone live with a new developer site to detail the functionalities of all of its APIs. In addition to the new Effects API, Aviary has had its Suite API and Feather API. The site has a simple explanation of all of Aviary's APIs with documentation and implementation details, code samples and the ability to test the tools.

The Effects API can bulk-process users' photos behind the scenes. Effects API can auto-correct images, create watermarks and apply filters and effects. Software development kits (SDKs) are available in Python, PHP, Ruby and .Net.

Aviary's APIs are a cool service that the company extends past its own tools that it offers. Aviary provides an image editor, screen capture, vector editor and more as extensions to Firefox and Chrome. The Effects API will allow developers to create functionality for both browser and mobile applications.

The effects come in various flavors such as coffee-stained and pixelated Old News and Toy Camera to the more utilitarian like Fixer, Beauty Farm and Simplicity. Aviary offers a sandbox on the developer site to test out the filters and copy the code of filter parameters.

Currently Aviary says to contact them "if you need more than 1000 photos processed in a month." A spokesman said that pricing plans would be rolling out in a couple of weeks.

Aviary has a variety of partners such as Pixable and HyperPublic. Image sharer Imgur will be using Aviary APIs shortly but has not yet released and announcement.

There are a plethora of camera applications that provide filtering and editing functionality. Instagram and PicPlz are probably the most popular that offer filters and sharing. Retro Camera and FxCamera are some favorite stand alone point-and-shoot applications on Android. Aviary is looking to be one of the go-to sources for providing application camera functionality for this robust sector of the app ecosystem.