Open Source Farming

It’s not like open field farming. OK, it is a little bit. Marcin Jakubowski, of Open Source Ecology, has taken it upon himself to release the blueprints for 50 farm machines in open source. According to his TED page, this is one element in a more ambitious project.

“Using wikis and digital fabrication tools, TED Fellow Marcin Jakubowski is open-sourcing the blueprints for 50 farm machines, allowing anyone to build their own tractor or harvester from scratch. And that’s only the first step in a project to write an instruction set for an entire self-sustaining village.”

These machines are designed to be built by individuals and small groups, self-sustaining through the process, not just in theory.

Here is Jakubowski, a physicist turned farmer turned open source advocate, at TED talking about his project.

Here is the Global Village Construction Set in action.

Global Village Construction Set in 2 Minutes from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.

Jakubowski photo via TED | other sources: PSFK

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