– Share the Story of Why and How You Learned to Program

Every time you refresh you’ll see a different one sentence story from a programmer about how or why they started programming.

At the moment, there are 351 stories.

Here are a few:

“by finding artistic problems which made absorbing the knowledge easy.” – Lilli Thompson

“because my first computer would only sit with a blinking cursor if I didn’t program it.” Ashley Feniello

“because my TRS-80 didn’t come with any video games, so I had to write my own.”

Mykle Hansen

“by writing a BASIC game on a manual typewriter, and being driven by my mom to the local Radio Shack where I typed it in to the TRS-80 I coveted.”- Matt Hillman

“in college, when I realized I could have a big impact on the world by building software with a focus on humanity.” – Vanessa Hurst

“because I believed (and still do) that it’s one of the best skills to have in order to change people’s lives for the better.” Alyssa Daw

“when I wanted a piano and got an Atari — programmed the keys to make sounds.” Katie A. Siek

“because I wanted to make interactive electronic literature.” – Zuzana Husarova

“because I wanted to build cool things. Now that’s my job.” – Alex Gaynor

“because I like learning languages — computer ones included!” – Angelica Lim

“after graduating with a Philosophy degree.” – Thomas Saunders

“by being a designer who needed a programmer and couldn’t find one!” – Catherine Hicks

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