Google Survey Reveals How We Use Our iPads

Google has released results of a survey (PDF) on user behavior with regard to tablet computers, the vast majority of which are iPads. Responses indicate that tablet ownership significantly changes our media consumption habits and computer use.

As one of the fastest-selling consumer technology products of all time, the iPad is an important technology to study the use of. There’s something really futuristic and joyful feeling about it, at least in my experience. Given how much other people apparently use theirs, it seems I’m not alone in that feeling.

The most notable findings of the survey of more than 1,400 respondents include:

  • 43% of respondents spend more time with their tablet than with their desktop/laptop
  • One in three respondents spend more time with their tablet than they do watching TV. (That was the most notable finding for the Huffington Post’s Bianca Bosker, from whom I found the survey.)
  • While some people in other fora have reported growing bored with their tablets, less than 4% of respondents to this survey said they used their tablets on average 15 minutes per day or less.
  • 68% said they used them for one hour or more per day, 38% for two or more hours.

Right: Gerard ter Borch’s nearly 400 year old painting The Letter is a reminder how precious a flat device for transfer of information has always been. The version depicted here lacked backlighting, multi-touch, 3G or even wi-fi connectivity.

Gaming is clearly the favorite way to use a tablet. That search scores so high bodes well for the beautiful new Bing iPad app. Personally, I’ll take the Art Authority app on shuffle with Aweditorium in the background over any game, any time.

How do you use your tablet? Do these survey responses reflect your experience with this new interface?

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