We love it when Computerworld's JR Raphael releases his comprehensive, research-backed articles about things Android users and developers care about, like this analysis of trustworthy manufacturers posted in January. (Our coverage of that news here.) This week, he has updated his list of Android phones getting Gingerbread, complete with links to press citings, company statements, blog posts and tweets, when applicable.

So is your phone getting Gingerbread? Take a look.

The Computerworld article is available here, but for simplicity's sake, I've collated the basics into Google doc here. Originally, I did so just for my own benefit, after a kind reader pointed out the article to me. Later, it occurred to me that it could be fun to turn this doc into a publicly available resource.

I did something similar with the ever-growing list of mobile application development tools (both professional and DIY) back in December 2010. Since the first post in 2009, which only listed a dozen or so products and services, the list has grown to include over 50 different companies, much of that with the ReadWriteMobile community's help. In fact, that Google spreadsheet now has 53 companies listed, over 20 of which were added by you, the readers. (Thank you!)

In that same spirit, I'm releasing, crediting Raphael's research of course, a public spreadsheet which you can edit too. If you hear more details about Gingerbread's rollout to various devices, feel free to update this doc.

Update: Sorry, hacked. No editing allowed now, but enjoy viewing.

And here it is: