Nowadays, meeting someone in real life is just the first step. What's their phone number? Email address? Do you follow them on Twitter already? Are you Facebook friends? What about LinkedIn? Maybe they could write you a stellar recommendation somewhere down the line!

Following someone on all the proper social networks can be a confusing and time consuming effort. Maybe they're easy to find on one, but not another. If you want to make sure that others can follow you across multiple networks, then makes it as easy as a single click. lets users sign up, choose a name and then connect various social networks. Currently, it only allows for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but we can imagine a day where this becomes the one-stop shop for connecting socially on the Web.

While all this information might be available on my Google Profile, you need to click on each one and go through the process of following me. On my page, however, you can choose what networks you want to connect with me on and click one button to make multiple connections. is a product of the StartupBus, a project that took 6 separate groups of hackers and entrepreneurs from cities across the country to this year's SXSW in Austin, Texas. Along the way, teams of people got together, formulated an idea and came up with a basic product to present to the judges waiting at the finish line. The team responsible for FullyFollow came from Chicago and consisted of @dalejstephens @ryanlelek and @eligratz. We hope to see more services added to the site in the future.