A ReadWriteWeb Special Series on Virtualization

Virtualization is so common now that it is rare to find an enterprise that is untouched by the technology.

It is starting to appear as organically as any technology does when people need it to get the work done. There may be any variety of virtualization technologies on the desktop, the server and even mobile devices.

Our series will explore how virtualization is being used across the IT landscape, in big companies and small. We could list any industry and you’d find any number of examples for how it’s being adopted. What we will do is illustrate how virtualization is being applied and how you can find new ways to use the technology within your organization.

Topics we will explore as part of the series:

  • Desktop virtualization: How is the new app landscape affecting desktop virtualization? How is it viewed within the context of larger efforts across the enterprise?
  • Business critical apps: How business apps are deployed in a virtualized environment is a question that’s faced by any enterprise. We’ll look at some of the latest trends we are seeing in the marketplace.

Virtualization is a big topic. We hope you will find new opportunities and more context for the issues that are still evolving on the desktop, in the network and the all important applications that sit on top.

Let’s get started!

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