Tara Hunt's recent talk at TEDxCorcordia is available online, and we've pasted the video below. It's a pretty frank and inspirational talk about the investment - and no, not the financial investment - that entrepreneurs must make.

Hunt (@missrogue on Twitter) is the co-founder of the shopping data startup Shwowp, and in her TEDx talk, she talks about some of the struggles necessary in building a company, in convincing others of its potential, and of moving forward.

In the talk, she points to the three characteristics she believes are innate in entrepreneurs: delusion, dreams, and audacity. Of course, saying that these characteristics are innate means there's nothing you can do to teach entrepreneurship. Even so, Hunt argues that an entrepreneur needs to go "all in" in order to really reach that level (that level of delusion, dreaming, and audacity, perhaps) - something she says distinguishes an entrepreneur from someone who's simply self-employed.

Hunt's passion is obvious here - it's evident in her story and in her voice. For more great TED Talks that address entrepreneurship, see our list of 10 Inspiring TED Talks for Startups