Despite the cries of email overload and email's demise, email marketing remains an important way for small businesses to stay in contact with customers. But crafting then formatting an email newsletter can be time-consuming, particularly if it involves having to learn how to use yet another online platform.

The microblogging site Posterous is known for making blogging as simple as sending an email, and now you can use that same service to transfer that blog content back into an email newsletter.

You can set Posterous up so that it automatically sends your posts to customers as an email newsletter. To do so, add their email addresses as subscribers via the "People" tab. People visiting your Posterous blog can also sign themselves up to receive updates via email should they choose. Then once people confirm their subscriptions, they'll receive an email every time you post to your Posterous blog.

The email will appear as if it's coming from you (not from Posterous), and the subject line of the email will be the same as the title of your post. All images that are in your post will appear inline, with the rest of your content.

Posterous says that it's been working with email providers to make sure these emails don't end up flagged as spam.

The company says that it plays to roll out more improvements to email marketing, including ways to control when the newsletters are sent.