There are any number of places where first-time entrepreneurs can go to ask questions from others - Hacker News, StackOverflow, Quora, for example. As useful as Q&A sites can be, it's also helpful to have resources gathered together in one place.

That's what Songkick's Ian Hogarth did by creating a Startup Tools Wiki. Built to save others from "re-inventing the wheel," says Hogarth, the wiki gathers useful tools that startups have found and come to rely on. The wiki is meant to gather these resources in one place so companies that are getting started have a wiki to reference.

The wiki lists over a hundred different resources - from server monitoring tools, to logo design, to email services, to accounting and billing tools, to customer service options. Its focusi is on technical tools, rather than other more general business guidance.

So far over 30 startups have contributed to the wiki, which not only describes the resources but lists which startups use it.

That advice and openness makes this a valuable resource for startups, so they can focus on building their product and not get sidetracked on questions like "Does anyone recommend a CRM?" As Hogarth argues, "I'm a big believer of trying to focus on your core competency (in our case tour dates) and then partnering with the best class companies elsewhere."

Other startups are welcome to contribute.

Photo credits: Flickr user thefixer