Today's round-up shows a variety of companies that raised funding. We've got a site to make running a music business more efficient, software to secure our identities as we shop online, a digital advertising network that uses social analytics and data to target consumers and a service to help us Web authors earn money from our exit links. It's an ambitious task, this changing-the-world-business, but we're curious which company you RWW readers believe will affect our world the most? Also, find out about yesterday's winning company, the one that beat out six others in our daily poll.

Yesterday's poll winner was Clovr Media, which inked $8.3 million in its second round of funding. Clovr Media is a digital advertising startup that converts text, banner, mobile ads, video and text into Card Link Offers (CLOs). This technology is definitely something to watch develop. And RWW readers agreed; it earned 49% of yesterday's vote.

Today's Companies

RadiumOne, a digital advertising network, raised $21 million in a Series B round of funding today. This company uses social data to create targeted ad campaigns. San Francisco-based VigLink raised $5.4 million in investment funds. VigLink helps Web publishers monetize their sites via the links attached to their sites, generating revenue from outbound traffic.

IdentityForge makes software for businesses to secure identity for online transactions. IdentityForge raised $1 million today, according to an SEC filing. Another company raising money - $627,000 - on the SEC filing list is Nimbit. Nimbit is a fan marketing, sales and distribution site geared to manage your music business.

Between these four companies, which will be the one to affect our world in a significant way?