10 Smart Links You Missed on Twitter on Today

  • Fatting, Slurptime and Open Pit Twitter Mining: Essential names for common social media practices: http://bit.ly/fhxGJL via @ThoughtCatalog
  • Cat people vs. dog people! A study of pet-oriented social networks on the Web: http://bit.ly/gLeSCj via @CLSTremix
  • OMG she changed her status: The impact Facebook rituals can have on a romantic relationship: http://bit.ly/eorcYx via @bookforum
  • My washing machine texts me when the whites are done: http://bit.ly/h9jj9c via @jeffdavisX
  • Build apps not businesses: http://bit.ly/eriM4P @slavingia
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  • Dear Internet. Things are a little more complicated than "Tweets were sent. Dictators were toppled. Internet = Democracy" http://bit.ly/gYaUOr via @QAUCS
  • Technology drives history, it just doesn't drive it very far: http://bit.ly/ep8aqd via @CambridgeUP
  • Are newspapers buying links now? http://bit.ly/hYtWnD via @journalism
  • What economists know about open source software: http://bit.ly/hARSQq via @thomasgpadilla
  • How exactly do we Firefox the news? http://bit.ly/f8yEbV via @NewsFuturist

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