Cloud-to-cloud social media and webmail backup provider Backupify is announcing this morning the imminent availability of a new service called CloudSight. CloudSight will render a customer's entire archive searchable and available for restoration with a single click.

"The [CloudSite] service gives social media and compliance professionals an automated audit trail of customer- facing corporate online communications across all major social media and cloud platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail," Backupify says. A number of different companies are providing similar services now, but Backupify's appears unique in some important ways. Update: Unfortunately, it looks like the day of this announcement Backupify has experienced some down time.

In the consumer world, YCombinator-backed startup Greplin has made a big splash for promising to render your digital data trail searchable as well. That's not a business-focused service, though, and doesn't offer data restoration the way Backupify does.

Backupify CloudSight Overview from Backupify on Vimeo.

Perhaps somewhere between the two is where the forthcoming Locker Project is aimed. That open-source service, being built by XMPP inventor Jeremie Miller, is based on the premise of turning each user's data locker into a private application platform. Miller's service aims to capture each user's published data - but also the data they have subscribed to, including the data their contacts have published.

Backupify fans have begun talking about what kinds of applications could be built on an API for that service, as well. "I'd look to build some cross-network analysis and search tools," says Hubspot co-founder Dharmesh Shah in a top-voted Quora reply on the topic. "Like: 'Show me everyone in the San Francisco area that I've sent an email to in the last 90 days' (with location data from Twitter and Facebook, and email from Gmail)."

For now there's no API, but Backupify certainly becomes more interesting with the addition of the CloudSight feature.