Sazneo, a real-time collaboration Web app, has launched an iPhone-friendly mobile version, allowing team members to stay in touch while on-the-go.

Sazneo is a relatively new group chat app that enables businesses to break conversations down into different channels, which can include team members as well as people from outside the organization. Within each chat channel, there's a repository for file uploads so team members can easily exchange documents, graphics and other files.

It offers pretty granular controls over who can see and participate in a given chat stream. The app also supports private, one-on-one instant messages. Conversations that are no longer active can be closed and exported as an HTML file for safe archiving.

The new iPhone version of Sanzeo is actually not a native iOS app but rather a mobile-optimized Web app that looks and feels very much like a native one. It even has a handy iPhone home screen icon, native app-style.

We tested the Web and mobile version side-by-side and the interactions are indeed real-time. Messages typed into either interface display pretty much instantaneously to all participants.

On the iPhone, the experience is comparable to that of text-based group-chatting on the Skype app, except, of course, without push notifications (since it's not a native iOS app).

Sazneo comes in two pricing packages: free for up to five channels and 100mb of file storage, or $8 per month for each user will get you 500mb of file storage and unlimited channels. Both plans offer mobile access and unlimited users.

To sign up, you'll need to use a "work" email address, so Gmail or Yahoo won't cut it.