This week, we've had a trio of unofficial, but intriguing mobile rumors: the iPad 3 is coming this fall, Android apps will run on BlackBerry tablets and Apple is building a "smaller, cheaper" iPhone. Two of three have been credited to multiple "sources," making them rumors for now. The iPad 3 rumor, however, was just a guess by someone with a good track record on Apple's moves, but was later confirmed by a single source.

So which of these three rumors do you believe and why? Or maybe you believe them all? Or perhaps none? Speak up by voting in today's ReadWriteMobile poll!

3 Big Mobile Rumors & Guesses

In case you missed it, here's the news:

  1. The iPad 3 is Coming this Fall: This isn't so much of a rumor as it is speculation. According to Apple insider John Gruber, the iPad 3 will arrive this fall. No, you didn't misread that - even though the iPad 2 hasn't been announced yet, there's another one on its way. TechCrunch has backed up Gruber's speculation with a report that they had heard from a single, "very good source" that Apple's fall surprise would be an iPad 3. No word yet on what an iPad 3 would offer, but TechCrunch guesses "retina display." CNET, however, guesses "iPad Mini."
  2. Android Apps Will Run on BlackBerry PlayBook: According to multiple sources, Bloomberg reports that RIM will allow Android applications to run on its upcoming PlayBook tablet. Engadget sources corroborated this. Originally, RIM was said to be thinking of using Google's Dalvik - Java software that would allow it to run Android apps - but decided against it due to the Google/Oracle patent suit regarding the software. Now, says Bloomberg, RIM is building its own software internally.
  3. "Smaller, Cheaper" iPhones in Development: Again, Bloomberg sources are saying that Apple is at work on a new iPhone that's one-third smaller, and will be launching this "cheaper" model at $200 off-contract. Plus, Apple is also working on dual-mode iPhones that would work on both CDMA and GSM networks. That one isn't all that surprising. Lastly, Bloomberg says Apple is also working on Universal SIM technology that would eliminate physical SIMs and make using iPhones a matter of provisioning. But for today's poll purposes, let's just focus on the smaller iPhone (iPhone Nano?) This more affordable iPhone would allow Apple to compete with low-end smartphones...and maybe even some feature phones, due to its lower price point. Apple will either unveil the device mid-year, delay it or scrap it altogether. So, that's definite, huh?


Instead of one poll, we've broken up this poll into 3 mini-polls. You pick whether the rumor is TRUE, meaning you believe the rumor is accurate, or FALSE, meaning you believe it's not. Vote false, too, if you think there's some hint of truth to the rumor, but key details are wrong. (Then explain in the comments!)