Facebook launched Facebook Deals in Europe today, the location-based checkin service that offers specials and discounts to users who login and register their location using Facebook on their mobile phones. The service, already live in the U.S. since last fall, is now offering deals with several European-based companies as well as with some global brands, like Starbucks and Mazda.

What Are the Deals and Where Can You Find Them?

Starbucks is offering Deals' users free coffee, Mazda is offering 20% off an MX5, and the department store Debenham, sushi chain Yo!Sushi, mobile operator O2, retailer Argos, theme park operator Alton Towers and clothing brand Benetton are also participating with free products and specials. In Benetton's case, each check in will lead to a £2/€2 charitable donation to Architecture for Humanity, though not a discount on items purchased.

Only the Starbucks' deal is live as of today; the other brands will roll out their offers during the next few weeks. Additional companies may also choose to sign up for Facebook Deals for free, and Facebook says it doesn't take a cut of the revenue earned from their promotions.

Facebook Deals is arriving in the U.K., Germany, Italy, France and Spain today, with other European countries to be added "soon."

How Popular is Facebook Deals?

Facebook did not reveal any specific numbers regarding how many businesses and customers were checking into Places Deals so far, only saying that "millions" of people used the service - this is according to Emily White, Facebook's director of local, as reported by The Wall St. Journal. White noted that over 50% of participating merchants had renewed their deals in the U.S., however.

Last November, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg went on record to talk about Facebook Places' popularity. While he, too, wouldn't provide hard numbers, he said that Places' mobile app on iPhone was "multiples larger than any other location service. You can extrapolate from there."