Java is binding IBM and Oracle more closely than ever before and are forming the core for a new Java oligarchy that also includes Red Hat and other providers.

Forrester Research issued a report today called "The Future of Java," that includes an infographic that provides context for the Java ecosystem. It shows how a few companies will control Java's direction and by extension, its rate of innovation.

The infographic shows the deep relationships that companies have due to Java's maturity in the market. Oracle has created a new structure for Java and its effects are being widely felt.

For example, Google has ties to Java. Its use of the programming language in its Android operating system is now the subject of an Oracle lawsuit.

Closer to the center we see SAP and the Apache Foundation.

SAP and Oracle have deep disputes but Java requires the two to work together.

The Apache Foundation recently gave up its seat on the Java Community Process Executive Committee. Apache objects to Oracle's licensing practices around the Test Compatibility Kit.

This is an infographic to keep handy when following the unfolding story about the future of Java. It's evident of a new order and how much Java has changed since Oracle acquired the rights to it after buying Sun Microsytems.

(Image courtesy of Forrester Research)