Now that the Consumer Electronics Show is over and all the vendors are breaking down their booths, we have one question - who won?

Social media monitoring service RowFeeder kept track of a number of different brands over the last several months and then compared daily averages to mentions during CES. According to the company, there was at least one clear leader when it came to the next generation of tablets, while the battle was a little tighter when it came to phones.

According to the stats, which keep track of brand mentions on both Twitter and Facebook, Motorola came away with the prize when it comes to CES, increasing its presence by a whopping 250%.

When we compare this chart with the one specifically looking at tablets, we can see why - the Motorola Xoom. The Xoom is the tablet everyone's been waiting for that runs on Android 3.0 (AKA "Honeycomb") and ran away with the "Best of CES" award. Coming in a relatively close second place was the BlackBerry Playbook, followed by the Samsung GalaxyTab in a not too distant third place.

When it comes to smartphones, the field seems a bit tighter. Take a look:

We seriously doubt that Blackberry came out on top of the phone field, but rather that the Playbook pushed it ahead here. In terms of the good old battle between the iPhone and Android platforms, Android came out ahead, with the Windows phone stagnating. According to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, the Windows Phone 7 has grown quickly, but the biggest buzz over the device at CES may have been that its users were finally getting "cut & paste" capabilities - not something that could even compete with the likes of most Android "superphones" announced at the conference.

Of course, why would Apple even attempt to compete with the noise of CES? It's no surprise that the iPhone comes in at the bottom of the list...because we're all going to be doing nothing but talking about the iPhone in a couple of days. And as for the tablet market, we'll likely be drooling over the next version of the iPad in the coming weeks or months as well. Nonetheless, the iPad is no longer the only kid on the block and these stats show that people are indeed excited for something else.