According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics 9,600 IT jobs were added in December. "Five bellwether IT job segments in the BLS data showed a net gain of 45,800 jobs in the last six months of 2010 and 26,000 jobs in October through December," eWeek reported today. The vast majority of the gains were in management, technical consulting services, computer systems design and related services segments.

Increased hiring for technical positions is one more reason IT managers need to be worried about the growing discontent among tech workers. Gartner analyst David J. Cappuccio thinks a data center staffing crisis might be looming and research finds that
more than 1/3 of IT workers are interested in switching jobs.

We've suggested some ways to improve morale, but we're also curious about the level of satisfaction dissatisfaction among our audience. Tech workers: how satisfied are you with your job?

Image by Shereen M