5 Cloud Startups to Watch in 2011 # 4: RethinkDB

As 2010 draws to a close we’re taking a look at a few cloud startups that show promise and that we haven’t covered on ReadWriteCloud.

RethinkDB is a MySQL data store optimized for solid state drives. Solid-state drives do away with moving parts and are extremely low-latency. Most database stores are designed for traditional hard drives and assume relatively high-latency. RethinkDB aims to allow database developers to take full advantage of the performance benefits of solid-state drives.

RethinkDB features:

  • Append-only algorithms
  • Lock-free concurrency
  • Live schema changes
  • Instantaneousness recovery from power failure
  • Simple replication
  • Hot backups

From cloud-based databases to NoSQL, developers are looking for new ways to manage the deluge of data they must now manage. RethinkDB is doing some important work towards building the database of the future.

RethinkDB is based in Mountain View, CA and received seed funding from Y Combinator in 2009. It’s other investors include Highland Capital Partners, Avalon Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Charles River Ventures.

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