Small and medium-sized businesses that sell online are expecting the remainder of this holiday shopping season to be strong, generally have an optimistic view of how their businesses will do in the near future, and consider mobile commerce an important part of that future.

This is according to Ebay's Online Business Index survey, which was conducted in the United States for the first time this year, after being done in Europe in Australia since 2008.

Sixty percent of those surveyed said they were "optimistic" about the future of their businesses and 72% expected sales to increase as the holidays get closer.

Most SMBs consider it important for businesses to be able to sell products from mobile devices, something eBay sellers have the luxury of being able to do quite easily. For small businesses operating outside of eBay's e-commerce empire, however, mobile commerce is not always as easily achieved, given the costs associated with mobile development.

The survey covered a range of other issues, including the proposed Internet sales tax, which small business owners overwhelmingly oppose.

The survey results were based on an online query of 435 small businesses who are actively selling on eBay.