[UPDATED] Anonymous Ousted from Twitter and Facebook, Back on Twitter Already

Following its very public DDoS attacks on the Visa and Mastercard websites this afternoon, it appears as though the vigilante group Anonymous will no longer be able to keep us apprised via Twitter or Facebook.

The group’s access to both social networking sites has been pulled.

Updated: 30 minutes later, it looks like you can follow Anonymous at @AnonOps

Following the take-down of the Visa website, the group tweeted that its Facebook group had been banned. Then, it tweeted a link to a list of numbers, appearing at first glance to be credit card information.

And now, shortly afterwards, it appears that its Twitter account has been suspended as well.

Anonymous undertook the DDoS attacks today to express its solidarity with WikiLeaks. But while Anonymous may have lost access to Facebook and Twitter, neither of these sites has taken any steps – yet – to ban WikiLeaks.

According to Twitter’s spokesperson Matt Graves, the company will not go on the record with comments regarding the actions it take on specific user accounts.

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