What's tomorrow, besides Tuesday? Oh, nothing big, you know. It's "just another day," according to Apple. Just another day, that is, "that you'll never forget".

Apple has changed its homepage to say that tomorrow morning, at 10 am Eastern time, it will have an "exciting announcement from iTunes" and like with all mysterious announcements, the pondering and speculating has begun.

So what could it be? Have Apple and Facebook decided to get along over that whole Ping network thing they couldn't seem to see eye to eye on? Somehow, we doubt that an announcement involving Ping (from what we've seen so far) will constitute a day we'll "never forget".

Rather, we had the same reading as Mac-centric blog Mac Stories - the long-fabled iTunes in the cloud. As Frederici Viticci points out, Apple is building a "huge data center" in North Carolina. We're talking about a data center that, according to our last report, "is expected to cost $1 billion by the time of its completion."

As our own Alex Williams pointed out, "It's clear that the stakes are high in the new world of cloud-based digital entertainment. It's not hard to imagine that someday we won't own our own music or films. We'll buy it on-demand or pay a subscription for it."

It's been nearly a year now since Apple bought the cloud-based, streaming music service Lala so the company has had plenty of time to work on a could-based music offering. We were disappointed last June, when the company made no mention of the idea in its big announcement, but we can't help but be hopeful with the posturing of this particular iTunes announcement.

If not a cloud-based iTunes, then we're going with Gizmodo in hoping that "Apple announces the death of iTunes - as the slow, outdated, monolithic piece of crap that it is now."

Here here, Gizmodo. That would be a day we would never forget.