Google Voice, Google's call routing and VOIP service, is finally coming to Google Apps according to Fortune tech blogger Seth Weintraub. Weintraub writes that Google Voice is now enabled for his Google Apps account and the feature should be rolling out to others over the next few days. Update: Google's Jessica Kositz reminds us that Google Voice and several other tools have been available on an opt-in basis since September. Update 2: Kositz further clarifies that Voice is not being rolled out to customers that don't opt-in. Weintraub opted in. Move along, nothing to see here...

This new functionality will probably appeal most to new small business which may be able to forgo paying for phone service. Weintraub writes:

A frugal business can now forgo the purchase of a phone entirely, instead relying on Google Voice through Gmail during business hours and forwarding to an employee's personal numbers after hours (wireless minutes notwithstanding).

We've been speculating for some time that Goolge would enter the unified communications market.

Google also offers a mobile app for Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices that allows users to place calls using their Google Voice numbers as their call-back number.

Although Google does not currently allow users to port existing numbers to Google Voice, a support page indicates the feature is planned. Last year, Google allowed Michael Arrington to port his number to Google Voice.

Weintraub suggests that Voice may be the feature that compels many businesses that are currently sitting on the fence to "go Google." Once number portability is supported, we'll agree.

What do you think? If you use Goolge Apps, would consider ditching at last some of your phones in favor of Google Voice?