is a fabulous site that allows you to see where in the world the people who follow you on Twitter are. Up to 1000 at a time can be viewed on a map and there's something magical about the resulting experience.

The site was profiled today on Google Maps Mania, a great place to find all kinds of new Google Maps. Blog editor Keir Clarke said of his map of followers, "I'm pretty happy with the distribution. I'd like a few more followers from the southern hemisphere and I don't know what I've done to upset the Japanese."

MapMyFollowers will also do a word analysis of the bios of your followers and display them in a word cloud.

It's a lightweight but moving web app, the kind of thing that's made possible by easily accessible social graph data. It's just the beginning of what's possible, of course - but it sure is fun, isn't it? I'm @marshallk on Twitter and I can see now that there are far too many interesting people outside the US that I haven't followed back. This is a really fun way to explore those peoples' accounts and meet them.

"I love the insight and unexpected discoveries you can make, just from seeing your followers visualized on a map," says Pete Warden, social network data hacker and founder of OpenHeatMap.

MapMyFollowers was built by Scotia Systems, a design firm in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.