It's no surprise that Netflix is preparing to make a move to a streaming-only service. As we reported earlier today, demand for Netflix's streaming service is on the rise.

Netflix's roughly 16 million subscribers can access streaming content from a variety of devices - XBox 360, iPads, laptops (and that's just in my household). And that adds up to a substantial increase in demand. A recent study has found that Netflix makes up more than 20% of downstream Internet traffic during peak times in the U.S.

According to the study, North America still trails other areas in the world for bandwidth consumption. And in North America, the average time a connection is active is three hours, while in Asia, it's closer to 5.5 hours.

As Netflix weighs increasing its streaming-services, it may well be that no longer do we tap our feet impatiently, waiting for the DVD to arrive. After all, we already have to wait almost a month for new releases to arrive in the mail.

Now, we get to tap our feet, cursing our neighbors and our roomates for sucking up bandwidth while watching Netflix.