Featuring entrepreneurial communities outside Silicon Valley is a topic close to our hearts, particularly if they're outside the U.S. Our "Never Mind The Valley" series challenges perceptions about locations for startups, and "entrepreneurial density" is an intriguing topic for VCs and entrepreneurs alike.

Think you live in a startup hotspot? If you're reading this, you probably do - but you may not be visualizing just how hot (or not) your location is. For some entrepreneurs location is everything, while others might be intrigued to discover areas of activity in countries or cities they didn't expect.

Our Startups by Zip Codes post covered the United States, but a global overview is what we really want. To this effect, we were excited to see that data science blogger ?ukasz Kostka (Datalysed.com) made a nifty startup map using the CrunchBase API and CloudMade Maps. The map is merely an overview; companies without a physical address were omitted.

It would be interesting to factor in "homeless" startups, as that would add a layer of more competitive locations (which tend to be expensive locations). Until then, it's fascinating to peel open the map and poke around Africa to see who's doing what.

The Startup Map (datalysed.com)