All businesses have legal needs but not every company has the resources to hire a team of fancy, top notch lawyers.

For smaller companies and nonprofits who fall into this category, there's Rocket Lawyer, a Website that offers legal assistance on a small business budget.

In addition to granting access to a huge index of business legal forms, Rocket Lawyer puts customers in touch with attorneys, either via a searchable directory or by enabling them to post a question and leave contact info so a lawyer can reach out directly.

The site launched a new feature this week called the Legal Health Score, which tells companies and individuals what their level of "legal wellness" is. Think of it like a credit score but instead of measuring financial dependability, it ranks one's potential legal vulnerability. For example, if a company does not have all of its business contracts in writing, they'll get a lower score.

Not only does the site tell you what your weaknesses might be, but it suggests a step-by-step action plan to put yourself on better legal footing.

"We're listening to our customers, and what we've heard is that legal services can be intimidating, confusing, and expensive," says Dan Nye, president and CEO of Rocket Lawyer. "We have an important mission to empower people to get the legal protection they need at a price they can afford. Rocket Lawyer's improved personal and business legal plans, including our Legal Health Score, are a big step forward."

At $300 per year, a professional membership to Rocket Lawyer isn't free, but this expense is obviously miniscule compared to the cost of consulting lawyers for every legal form and question.

Have you used Rocket Lawyer or a similar legal advice Website for your business? Let us know if the experience worked for you in the comments.