With almost 300,000 iPhone apps on the market, finding new and interesting apps is getting more and more difficult for users. That's good news for apps that manage to break into the iTunes top 10, as most users use this to find new apps, but sales and downloads fall off quickly for apps that don't make it into the top 10 and good apps often go unnoticed. We have seen a number of interesting app discovery services that try to remedy this situation in recent months, but Angel's Choice (iTunes link) puts a new spin on this by adding Hollywood Stock Exchange-like game mechanics to its app discovery service.

Angel's Choice is basically a virtual stock exchange for new apps where you can invest virtual currency (no real money is exchanged) in up and coming apps. The idea here is that the best and most promising apps will be the most heavily invested in by the players and rise to the top.

The game itself is pretty straightforward. New players get $1,000 in virtual currency and a few missions (invest in 5 apps to begin with, for example) to get started. From within the app, you can browse the Apple app store and see app descriptions and screenshots. Sadly, though, you can't see user comments here. To see these - and to download apps - Angel's Choice takes you to the official app store.

Overall, this is a fun way to find new apps, though to some degree the game mechanics can actually take over as the app discovery functions move into the background. We don't think that this app is the one and only solution to the app discovery problem - after all, the app just creates something akin to a new top 10 list - but if used right, it can be a fun way to find new apps.