Mobile game maker Rovio released a free full version of their popular Angry Birds app for Android users today and the launch has subsequently taken down the company's website and, at times, has impacted the app's download page on the independent app store, GetJar, where the app is being exclusively launched. In fact, the app is proving so popular that GetJar is recommending users visit from their mobile phone browser instead.

So why all the commotion over Angry Birds today? Well, not only is the app one of the most popular of all times - it sold more than 7 million copies according to VentureBeat - the app is now free, too.

For now, the free app is ad-supported, but a version without ads will be available soon for those who would prefer a cleaner experience.

Rovio's Peter Vesterbacka told VentureBeat in an interview that Angry Birds is used more than 65 million minutes per day on the iPhone (paid app). Now that it's on Android, Vesterbacka predicts the game will soon be used 100 million minutes per day.

GetJar has the exclusive launch for now - the game will be featured on its site alone for the first 24 hours before hitting the Android Market. This promotion will be a major boost for the large cross-platform app store, not yet a household name. GetJar has been aiming to change that lately with new initiatives that involve giving away free applications to GetJar visitors.

According to Vesterbacka, GetJar was an obvious choice for its launch. "GetJar's global reach and popularity as well as their unique App It! download service ensures that we reach a massive audience of fanatically loyal Angry Birds addicts," he explained. "The unique App It! link means we can also cross promote our Symbian and Android versions without the need to send folks to multiple places to get their favorite game."

So how can you get your hands on a free copy of Angry Birds today?

You can either go to the GetJar download page or, from your mobile phone browser, head to is, If the websites can stay up!