Posterous, the minimalist blogging platform, may have allowed users to post to their blogs via email, or even the specially-formatted Posterous for mobile devices, but now it's gone that one extra step. Posterous for the iPhone is here, allowing users to post, manage their settings, upload media and even geo-tag their updates.

The Posterous iPhone app does everything you want, from what we can see, aside from text formatting - but that's a relatively recent feature addition to Posterous that really took it beyond its roots anyways.

The app allows users to post publicly or privately to any number of different Posterous sites they control. In addition to multiple sites, the new app will let you choose whether or not you want to auto-post your content to 26 different sites, from Facebook to Twitter to Flickr to YouTube and more. Posterous can even be an entry way to a Blogger or Wordpress site.

I downloaded the app and was up and running in under five minutes. Take a look (and a download) for yourself.