Apple has removed the BitTorrent iPhone app IS Drive from the App Store. We reported with some surprise the news of the app's acceptance, but this news isn't surprising.

Derek Kepner, app developer, tweeted news to that effect earlier today, and the app is indeed unavailable at this time. "Just got a call from Apple," said Kepner. "They're taking IS Drive down. I'm seeing what I can do. I have a feeling I won't be able to change their mind."

IS Drive allows users of Imageshack's torrent download service to check and manage their downloads. The app was previously available on Cydia under the name "Jack Torrents." The app does require a premium Imageshack membership.

On one hand, Apple's decision isn't a shock as the company has rejected other BitTorrent apps before, claiming they violate the developer guidelines.. And Kepner admitted in earlier interviews about the app that it was likely the absence of the phrase "BitTorrent" that helped secure the app's approval in the first place. The press coverage that the app received, however, probably prompted a second look by Apple.

But in an interview with Macworld, Kepner says he plans to appeal Apple's decision, noting that not all BitTorrent downloads are illegal. " "There are many legitimate uses for ImageShack Drive. I don't think it's fair to punish legitimate users for the actions of morons who think my app will help them pirate."