The Q&A site Quora has rolled out a new feature: the ability to upload a photo to accompany your posts.

Developer Ben Newman added a post this afternoon titled "Something new that you can do," featuring a large photograph. His post, first spotted by The Next Web, was received with a flurry of excitement, although Newman says it's a "work in progress."

There's currently no support for images in questions posed via email, but the process of uploading your GIF, JPEG, or PNG file is fairly straightforward. The maximum upload size is 10MB and images are resized before they appear on the site, with width capped at 485 pixels (the width of the answer space).

A Change in Direction or a New Feature?

In some of the responses to Newman's post, commenters said they had hoped that Quora would become more like Tumblr or Posterous - a place for media-rich sharing. But that seems to run at cross purposes of a question-and-answer site.

Quora has had great adoption within the tech community, becoming a key resource for people to find out more information about companies, entrepreneurs, and investors. It doesn't seem as though the lack of images has impacted that adoption, although the addition of photos may be something that helps spread Quora's usage beyond Silicon Valley.

If nothing else, it could be a boon for all those times that, in response to a question you say, "Well, let me draw you a picture..."