Anyone who's ever been responsible for training staff members on software or internal processes knows it's no simple feat, especially at smaller companies with fewer resources.

It's precisely this challenge that Mindflash aims to resolve with its online training management platform, which came out of beta earlier this week.

Mindflash lets trainers build courses using PDFs, PowerPoint, Word docs and videos, and then invite trainees, who are later quizzed on their progress from within the platform. One of the more powerful aspects of Mindflash is its trainee progress reports, which show in real-time how each person is doing and who may need additional training.

The appeal for small businesses is two-fold: It automates many training-relating tasks, freeing up time and energy for other projects, and comes with a very affordable price tag. Mindflash is free to use for organizations with 10 or less trainees, and then ranges from $79 to $399 per month, depending on the number of trainees. The platform is currently limited to 250 trainees, so larger organizations may need to look elsewhere for their training needs.

Interested in giving Mindflash a whirl? They have a free 30-day trial and of course, it's always free for companies with 10 or less trainees. Go ahead, give it a try.