For any small business trying to thrive online, there are few questions more critical or often, confounding: How can we increase traffic to our business's Website on a budget? And then, once they're there, how can we convert them to paying customers?

There are lots of companies, SEO gurus and social media pundits offering up their solutions, some of them more legitimate than others. One company we spoke to recently took an approach that led to a 300% increase in organic search traffic in just three months.

Corensic, a two-year-old company that specializes in building tools for multi-core software developers, is using real-time marketing platform Optify to analyze their traffic and optimized their site based on their findings.

"We just pointed Optify at our site and it gave us a checklist of things to do," said Prashant Sridharan, Corensic's senior director of marketing. Many of the suggested changes, such as putting important headings in the proper HTML heading tags and including keywords in URLs, were easily implemented.

Optify's detailed analytics showed Corensic's team where visitors were coming from, what search terms they used to get there and what they did on the site, all in real-time.

Thanks to an integration between SalesForce and Optify, they were able to see precisely who was using their site, and reach out to them if need be. In one case, Corensic's marketing team noticed a registered user of their site spending close to an hour looking through technical documentation. Since that user's information was available via Salesforce, a developer was able to call them to offer assistance.

Corensic also used real-time analytics to build out a content strategy on the fly. Based on search terms and user behavior, Sridharan's team could discern what people were looking for, and thus what kinds of topics to write blog posts and white papers about.

Sridharan, who used to work at both Microsoft and Amazon says he wished something like Optify had been at his disposal at those jobs.

Optify joins other players like Woopra, Clicky and Chartbeat in the real-time Website analytics space.

Have you tried using real-time analytics to improve your site? Let us know about your experience in the comments.