Mobile Developers More Optimistic About Android Over iOS

We’ve discussed Appcelerator’s Titanium mobile development recently because it is an excellent way for startups to expand their service across multiple platforms. Over 4,000 apps have been published using the service, and Appcelerator leverages its large community of developers to research trends in the mobile industry. According to a report released today by Appcelerator and International Data Corporation (IDC), developers are growing more confident in the long-term outlook of Android devices than iOS devices despite Apple’s attempts to ease restrictions.

A June 2010 survey found that 54% of developers favored Android’s outlook to just 40.4% for iOS. After a summer of interesting product announcements and launches from both Google and Apple, these developers have grown more confident in the Android platform. 58.6% of those surveyed now side with Android’s outlook, and Apple support dropped to just 34.9%, widening Android’s lead by 10.1 points.

Earlier this month Apple relaxed some of the restrictions it had placed on third-party app development, making the iOS platform slightly more open. The mysterious App Store Review Guidelines were also published to developers (and, consequently, the world), but it seems that Apple’s attempts at transparency haven’t translated into developer confidence.

Many were disappointed that the newfangled Apple TVs announced earlier this summer did not include iOS app support. Google’s living room solution, Google TV, is more in line with this desire from developers. 72% of the developers surveyed believe Android is will eventually power the greatest number of connected devices, including phones, computers, tablets and televisions. Only 25% said they believed iOS would take the lead in this area.

This optimism has translated into heavy anticipation of the coming breeds of tablet devices powered by the Android OS. 62% of those surveyed said they are “very interested” in developing for the devices when they eventually make it to market. In comparison, an earlier survey found that a slightly lower (though almost negligible) number of developers, 58%, were similarly interested in developing for the iPad before it’s launch.

With tablets, televisions and the growing trend of lean-back sofa-based app engagement, these devices have the opportunity to redefine the entertainment experience at the app level. Is Android the platform of this vision of the future? According to these surveyed developers, it may be on it’s way to ousting Apple’s iOS, but developers do not always dictate which platforms are more accepted by consumers.

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