Looking for a job? Need to fill a position? ResumeSponge, a Web app that enables professionals to build online profiles and connect with would-be employers just launched into beta and its creators want to help.

The fledgling site, which is free to use, is notably similar to LinkedIn, but with a few extra bells and whistles.

Upon signing up, users are prompted to build out a resume with the familiar information: name, location, present and past jobs, education, links to Websites and even recommendations.

One thing that sets ResumeSponge apart from LinkedIn and similar sites is the ability to upload documents, images and videos and feature them prominently on their profile. This enables job seekers to showcase portfolios, work samples and videos of themselves or their work, touting their strengths to potential employers.

Also setting ResumeSponge apart is its design, which is quite good. The back-end user interface is clean and intuitive and it's clear the company invested in the design of the front-end before pushing this beta live.

Like on LinkedIn, ResumeSponge users can recommend eachother professionally, but in a more traditional "letter of recommendation" format, digital signature and all.

Since this site is brand new, there aren't a huge amount of profiles on it yet. To help get things started, you can head on over to the site and sign up.

For small and medium-sized businesses looking to fill positions, something they're already using social media for, this site could potentially become a critical component of the hiring process, assuming its user base catches up to that of the big players.