Amid all the live music, lights and general regalia that is Microsoft releasing its beta (yes, beta) version of Internet Explorer 9, one demo has really stood out - Bing.

While there are more than 40 different partners here today - from Myspace to IMDB - the number two search engine showed off an IE9 integration that included features like background video and on-screen transitions that you just have to see.

We met up with Jeff Henshaw, the general product manager of the user experience team at Bing, and got a demo of a new set of Bing features that will be available to the general public within the next month. Take a look:

Unfortunately, the full demo is not currently available, as someone tweeted out the URL of the demo during the keynote speech and more than 5 million people hit the server all at once, Henshaw told us. Some features that were not included - which are some of our favorites - included drastically improved image browsing, but we still can't stop looking at the improved interface, tabbed browsing and general navigation.