The new iTunes social network Ping will let you connect directly with your favorite artists, but Apple's promotional image for the new feature conveniently omits a string of Tweets from Lady Gaga's timeline in which she protests anti-gay marriage legislation Proposition 8.

It's a little thing, but given the controversies Apple has faced around app store censorship, and the direct-to-audience promise of both Twitter (and presumably Ping), it certainly seems notable. Apparently the company wanted to have its cake and eat it too when it came to one of the world's most famous, and outspoken, musical artists.

Surely we'll get the real deal on Ping itself, right? Lady Gaga with all her sex, politics and sensationalism - in addition to her musical thoughts? Dear Gaga, please don't break the new iTunes. It has retina display!

Thanks to the always observant Kevin Marks for pointing this out on Twitter.