Digg's users are still in the middle of their fifth major revolt on the site and the effect of this current uprising is now starting to become more apparent. According to the latest data from Statcounter, referral traffic from Digg to its network hit its lowest point ever on Monday, while traffic from Digg competitor Reddit increased dramatically. Statcounter's CEO Aodhan Cullen notes that "Abandon Digg Day" on Monday turned out to be a "Redd Monday" for Reddit.

As a caveat, we have to note that this data is based on referral traffic from Digg and Reddit to Statcounter's network of participating sites. By default, traffic from Digg and Reddit to these sites tends to fluctuate widely. While the severity of Monday's swing in favor of Reddit does indeed point towards trouble for Digg, we will have to monitor this trend for a few more days to see if it remains stable.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Digg vs Reddit Market Share


What is clear, though, is that Digg's users are not backing down - and neither is Digg's management. User revolts are nothing new for Digg, but this time it looks like Digg's management is not prepared to back down. According to former Digg engineer Ian Eure, Digg may not even have the ability to roll its service back to the old version anyway. Digg's CEO Kevin Rose does promise, however, that many of the old features Digg's users are now clamoring for will come back in one form or another. The question now is if the site's most fervent users will come back once all the issues with Digg v4 have been resolved, or if they will simply move on to another site like Reddit.