The Internet of Things is what happens when you take everyday ordinary objects and put Internet-connected microchips inside them. These microchips help you not only keep track of your belongings, but many of these devices sense their surroundings and report it to other machines as well as to you when you most need it.

From RFID to the Nabaztag Bunny to Arduino hobbyists, innovation is growing at a rapid rate. Our collection features popular videos about how to make your own objects, as well as overviews, interviews and lectures. The intent of these devices is to make our lives easier, yet as David Orban suggests in the eighth video, this is not guaranteed. Issues of data-overload and a lack of privacy may interfere with how these devices ultimately help us. As the growth of this trend continues you'll be seeing many more videos about the Internet of Things.

If you know of a favorite Internet of Things Youtube video that we left out, please include a link to it in the comment space below.

  1. IBM RFID Commercial - The Future Market

  2. 234,439 views

  3. Intro to the Arduino

  4. 166,997 views

  5. The Internet of Things

  6. 79,152 views

  7. The Future Internet: Service Web 3.0

  8. 49,124 views

  9. Nabaztag Opera (English subtitled)

  10. 42,731 views

  11. Google's View On The Internet's Future

  12. 13,705 views

  13. Using mbed to prototype the Internet of Things

  14. 6,879 views

  15. David Orban - Free to be Human!

  16. 1,342 views

  17. Internet of Things

  18. 1,308 views

  19. Navigating the Web of Things - Bell Labs Open Days

  20. 504 views