From Wikipedia articles to visual recognition and translation with Google Goggles, Google is constantly working to rebuild the Tower of Babel and enable frictionless multi-lingual communication.

Its latest effort brings translation to Google Docs, making translation even simpler.

Rather than cutting and pasting text from Google Docs into Google Translate, users now can translate their documents within the editor into any one of 53 languages. The translation is quick and opens the translated in a new tab, which offers to replace the original document or copy the translation into a new document.

Amusingly, Google-created browser Chrome immediately offered to translate the doc back into another language, recognizing that much of the text was not in the default English. Auto-translation became a part of Chrome last March and helps to illustrate just how integrated translation is becoming at Google.

At this rate, it's becoming more and more believable that Google will offer real-time translation on mobile phones within a few years' time.