Boxee Box Comes Out of the Box

Boxee, a company whose software allows users to watch any Internet content on their televisions, announced a set-top box in November. In January, they unveiled a 3-D printer-made design prototype.

Now, in advance of its launch in “late October/early November,” Boxee has published a show-and-tell video starring the company’s design head, Zach Klein. (He’s the one with the headband and made of meat.) The box and remote are functional finals, right off the assembly line of the manufacturers, Taiwan’s D-Link.

Although a number of interesting elements are highlighted, the fact that the black plastic box is finger-print resistant may be – if it is in fact true and not some pie-in-the-sky science fiction braggadocio, the most awesome.

The first Boxee Box arrived from the D-Link Factory from Zach Klein on Vimeo.

Also, they have a fireplace from a 1970s den in their office? Does that strike anyone as fair?

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