Evernote just revealed the next phase of its business plan during a small press conference at the company's Mountain View offices. Evernote, which wants to be the "global platform for human memory," currently allows its users to capture a lot of different types of data but doesn't offer a lot of ways to manage and structure this information. Going forward, Evernote's plan is to allow its users to add more structure to their data, visualize it and find hidden connections.

Evernote also launched a new product called Evernote Trunk today. Currently, this is only a showcase for third-party services that integrate with Evernote, though the company plans to turn it into a full-blown Evernote app store in the near future.

Evernote Trunk

At launch, the Evernote Trunk will feature about 100 products from 75 different companies. The showcase currently features Evernote-integrated services like business card scanners and voice notes applications. While Evernote itself isn't very social (and Evernote isn't interested in adding this functionality itself), applications in the Trunk will allow users to share their data and pull data from social apps into Evernote.

One of the launch partners for this integration is Seesmic, which will first integrate Evernote's functionality in its mobile clients. Evernote is also working with SAP StreamWork. In total, Evernote currently has about 2,000 API partners.

To some degree, this update turns Evernote into more of a platform and the company plans to expand the number of applications in the store over the coming weeks. This new functionality will be available in updated versions of Evernote's desktop apps today and should come to the mobile apps in the coming days. For the time being, Evernote will just showcase these apps, but the company also plans to allow developers to sell their services right in the Evernote Trunk. Even though Evernote's CEO Phil Libin argued that this is just a showcase and not an app store, the company's plans to allow developers to sell their apps through the Evernote Trunk clearly points in this direction.

The Current State of Evernote

Currently, Evernote users create about 312 memories every minute and the company's servers handle 42,000 requests per minute through its API. The majority of Evernote's users tend to use the service for both personal and business purposes and almost 20% of its users access the service on 3 or more devices.

With regards to Evernote's business model, CEO Phil Libin called the company a "freemium success." Evernote now has about 80,000 paying users. Taking a swipe at Facebook, Libin also noted that the company doesn't want to make money from mining its users' data.