Chatroullete Expands to Location and Channels

Chatroulette, the face-to-face random video chat service, is growing slightly less random. The service is adding Localroulette, for location-specific chats, and Channelroulette, for specific topics.

Given the surge of interest in location-based apps, the choice to create a geolocating chat is not surprising. The utility of the themed channels is a bit less easy to grasp once you see what’s there.

Perhaps not shockingly, given the reputation of the service as being a bit on the gamey side at the best of times, the number one channel is “sex.”

The next in line include “gayteen,” “girls” and “milfs.” Notably absent are “19th century French symbolist poets” and “chiasmus.”

Since you can, apparently, create a new channel by adding a subdomain, we’ll try to rectify the obsession with gettin’ it on by creating a topic channel for a passionate but neglected group: Those who wish to engage in spirited debate over whether Robert Kagan or Francis Fukuyama is cooler. We don’t think it will come as too much of a surprise when “Robert vs. Francis” overtakes “milfs.”

Do you?

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