The graphical user interface or GUI shapes and defines how we interact with the Web. These YouTube videos on GUI innovation can guide us to a more fluid and natural way to interact with not just the web, but with computers in general.

There are no iPads or iPhones in this collection. Their groundbreaking contributions to GUI have been noted on our site often. Instead, our choices for the best YouTube videos in GUI include a Perceptive Pixel demo, 10 finger multi-touch, Microsoft Surface, a popular Linux interface and 3D touch display. Also of note is Hyposurface, which is a screen made out of physically movable pixels.

If you have any favorite videos about GUI that we didn't choose, please let us know about them in the comments below.

  1. Microsoft Surface Demo @ CES 2008

  2. 1,448,802 views

  3. Perceptive pixel

  4. 294,342 views

  5. GNU/LINUX UBUNTU 7.04 Feisty Fawn

  6. 286,200 views

  7. CES 2009: Intel 3D Touch-screen Display

  8. 90,822 views

  9. The world of Graphical User Interface.. me inside computer

  10. 78,956 views

  11. BLUI: Blowable user interface

  12. 71,272 views

  13. New technology of Korean touchpad

  14. 43,989 views

  15. 10/GUI - 10 Finger Multitouch User Interface

  16. 36,057 views

  17. Office of the Future

  18. 29,094 views

  19. Hyposurface on WBZ Radio

  20. 13,435 views