As we pass the 80 day mark in the greatest underwater oil spill of all time, here's a chance to pause and reflect on the most-viewed YouTube videos about the spill. Our selection doesn't include popular videos that claim environmentalists caused the spill to further their own agenda, nor does it include any official videos from the company whose leadership is the true cause of this disaster.

What is included are several parodies of how BP is handling the situation, as well as a newly released video of whales and dolphins dying in the slick. Many of these videos will soon be out of date as hurricanes and other unexpected events dramatically change the overall story of what BP has done to all the life that calls the Gulf of Mexico home. If you know of any important YouTube oil spill videos that were left out of our collection please posts a link to it in the comments below. If you'd like to learn more about the latest in Web technology as it relates to the oil spill please view our coverage here.

  1. BP Spills Coffee

  2. 8,781,914 views

  3. The BP Oil Spill Re-Enacted By Cats

  4. 542,390 views

  5. BP Oilpocalypse Creates Underwater Nightmare

  6. 479,164 views

  7. BP Slick Covers Dolphins and Whales

  8. 471,736 views

  9. The REAL REASON Behind the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

  10. 335,409 views

  11. Hair soaks up oil spills

  12. 251,688 views

  13. BP's Crazy OIL SPILL Commercial!

  14. 214,053 views

  15. Gulf Oil Spill Solution

  16. 204,799 views


  18. 201,846 views

  19. BP Oil Spill Commercial: Pelican Scrubbing!

  20. 134,036 views