Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, may think email's dying, but until it's dead it's still the incumbent monarch of enterprise communication. Tools that don't fit seamlessly into existing processes and workflows will hinder the adoption of next-generation enterprise collaboration solutions. eTouch's enterprise-grade wiki SamePage attempts to solve this problem by allowing users to create wiki pages via email, and several other features to ease adoption.

The new version of SamePage, 4.3, adds an "Explorer View," similar to Windows explorer, and WebDAV support for editing attachments online without saving them to the desktop.

Screenshot of Explorer View

SamePage is available as an on-premise solution, a stand-alone SaaS, as part of through AppExchange or as part of WebEx Connect. Its features include:

  • The above mentioned email to wiki feature
  • Role-based access control, with LDAP authentication (and now LDAPS support)
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Importing from MS Word and Excel
  • Page templates
  • Attachments
  • Linking
  • Notifications and RSS feeds
  • Integrated search

eTouch's strategy of seamless integration with existing tools and smart strategic partnerships has landed it A-list clients like ADP, NASA, Citrix, Alcatel-Lucent, Prudential, Verizon Wireless and Cal-Tech in a competitive market that includes SocialText, Atlassian Confluence and, of course, Microsoft Sharepoint.