Last Thursday we wrote about Firefox's launch of its newest version, 3.6.4. This version separated the browser itself from the plug-ins that ride it. So if a plug-in were lagging, or otherwise going haywire, it wouldn't crash the whole screen. These improvements are restricted to Linux and Windows until Version 4.0, which will include Mac.

Today, Mozilla has announced a further upgrade, to version 3.6.6.

With 3.6.6, the time-out has been increased, according to Mozilla's Mike Beltzner.

'Following the release of Firefox 3.6.4 we heard from some users, mainly those using older computers, that they sometimes expect longer periods of non-responsiveness from plug-ins, especially with games. For these users the default timeout of 10 seconds was too short. To address this, we increased the amount of time Firefox waits for a plug-in to respond before terminating it from 10 to 45 seconds."

This update is automatic and does not require a second upload.