Now that World Cup soccer has become the most popular Web event ever, we wanted to help you understand what it is about this sport that's so effective at capturing the world's attention.

From the number one video of soccer celebrities Ronaldinho and Ronaldo showing their best tricks, to the 50 best goals of all time, to street soccer on rooftops, these are our picks for the best videos with the greatest number of views. As a bonus we've included two honorable mentions. These two aren't the most popular videos, but they do much to explain the world-unifying force that the World Cup is. If we've left out any of your favorite soccer videos, please post your links in the comments below.

  1. Ronaldinho vs Ronaldo

  2. 36,325,333 views

  3. Comedy Football

  4. 28,494,116 views

  5. Funny Football

  6. 22,034,332 views

  7. 2 Goals in a 30 Seconds Amazing

  8. 21,261,830 views

  9. Top 50 Soccer (Football) Goals

  10. 10,636,828 views

  11. Football skills

  12. 9,026,128 views

  13. Best soccer football compilation ever

  14. 5,991,685 views

  15. Joga Bonito Compilation

  16. 5,769,194 views

  17. Insane street soccer

  18. 5,128,513 views

  19. Great goals

  20. 2,925,153 views

    Honorable mention:

  21. K'naan - Wavin' Flag - South Africa FIFA World Cup 2010 Official Theme Song

  22. 735,042 views

  23. World Cup song "South Africa 2010" (Freddy Mix)

  24. 280,209 views